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Monday, July 19, 2010

Welcome to 2012

Welcome to the year of 2012. You say,"Why that year?"
The prediction is that time won't exist after 2012.
The earth will be a mass of destruction and desolation.
Will anyone be walking around? Who will be left, anyone?
I have carefully listened to the Mayan Indian predictions and just recently
was introduced to the Hopi Indian predictions which seem to have a good
foot-hold along the same lines. It seems that many of Mayan predictions
have managed to take place. I wonder how this happens? How do they do this?
Do we live our lives, for the next two years, based on what they say is
going to take place? If so, how do we do that? Personally, I believe in
the book called the Bible and in the Godhead. No man will know the day
or the hour. Okay, having said that, I must say that the Bible says we will
know the signs of the times. I see those signs everywhere.
Well, back to the earlier predictions of the Indian tribes. They did not
have microwave technology that modern man has today. They had to
base their world around the stars, winds, magic potions, visions and witch
doctors. I think they managed to do pretty well considering, much like a
doctor back in those days who didn't work with fancy equipment and walk
through the halls of sterile hospitals after years and years of schooling.
He used tools much like the Indians used: Eyes, ears, hands and touch.
Think about it......is it really so, or could it be?


Balachandran V said...

Are we talking about the 'end of the world?'. For thousands across the globe, it ends everyday. when disasters strike, when accidents happen, taking away the loved ones forever. Yesterday, there was this news. A father reverses his new car out of the gates of his house. he is taking it to church to get it sanctified or something. His two teenage daughters sit at the back. Mom opens the gate. Dad, who just had his license, reverses it out to the road. A river in spate flows on the other side. Dad loses control, car dives into the water, the two kids are drowned, dad escapes, but tries to kill himself with poison. Tell me, Sandy, what is the end of the world we are talking about? For this family, what does it matter if other continue to live?

anilkurup59 said...

The civilised folks call the Inative Indians uncivilised, barbarians, and what not.Dont they?
Do the civilised folks understand the
bonding the tribes had with nature?
The doomsday was predicted by the oriental religions very early in time Perhaps the thinkers of those times saw the follies man would commit in his lust and ravenous greed for what he think is comfort .
Now the question that needs to be asked and answered analytically is who are the civilised lot.
We the jet trotting ones tethering our lives, emotions to the maze of computers and programs we created, and holding our stupid and foolish perceptions of what sustainability is and what development are.
We who compete to rape, maul and destroy what nature has created and preserved over millions of years..
Loss and destruction of all great civilisations in history has a lesson to teach us , only if we pause to listen and learn.

Sandy said...

Balan, first of all let me say it's good to see you writing a bit. Hope things are looking upward for you.
Okay, as to my thoughts on my blog, I've been watching a bit about the history of the Mayan Indian tribes and the Hopi Indians as well. They lived by a very interesting calendar using it almost sacredly. It was all they had..They have predicted some things that have come true...So, if they are correct then they are saying this world will be in shambles...Yes, death is all around for every family in the world..Globally..Something no one can predict....Today, we live second by second really...I am merely pondering the thoughts and beliefs on this happening.

Sandy said...

Anilkurup, we know that Indians were somewhat barbaric by our standards of living...But, in their own way, they had to do what they really believed was necessary to keep them alive. But the question is, like cave men in days of old, they lived by the law of the land. The land is what they used to acquire their belief systems..The rain, winds, clouds..all spoke to them.. Nature spoke to them..and you are right.. We need to pause and listen to what's going on around us..Maybe, we are destroying ourselves...It is something to think about....

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