If Only

If you could only see me from the inside out...running in a field of flowers amid the morning dew...Supping white wine inside my thoughts...if only

Monday, December 31, 2012


Night falls on the closing of 2012. I look around to observe a myriad of changes, but my heart is not silent as I see the windows that continue to close on God and all that he is to America. I think about Sandy Hook Elementary School. Christmas, birthdays, unwrapped toys lying in the corner. The parents’ hearts are wrapped in sorrow and grief. God alone can unwrap the upcoming years with healing to the broken. What has happened in this world? Think of the young girl in India who was recently raped and tortured in such a horrendous manner. Why didn’t someone help? Is this another one of those thoughts in today’s new world? "Oh, please, I don’t wish to be involved in this, so I will look the other way while someone else does something." Yes, we are too busy even if it means someone is murdered. What happened to the Biblical teaching of going the extra mile (Matthew 5:41-42)? Could that pertain in this case? The saddest part of all is that we’ve become complacent and have taken up the adage of the in crowd: "Anything goes, and don’t get involved." After all, this is a new generation of people; things have changed since the old days. We are said to be living in the dark ages if we live by the principals that our parents lived by (and taught us). You know some of those. A hand shake is our bond or do unto others... If your brother needs help, give your all including the shirt off your back. Our conscience is seared and split by whatever feels good to us. Well, the New Year is upon us and it's bound to be different, isn’t it? Thank God for his mercy and grace. It never changes from year to year. I am thankful for my mother being with us at Christmas, and my niece was here limping, but smiling. Wait upon the Lord and he will renew your strength God bless you all this upcoming year. December 31, 2012


Robert's Blog Page said...

Happy New Year, Sandy! Let's hope 2013 will be a better year for us all--indeed, the world in general. Most people I know say 2012 was not a good year in many ways. All we can do is count our blessings and try to be good citizens. Sending love to you and yours, Robert xoxo

Sandy said...

Thank you Robert. I suppose I should have written a more positive missive, but 2012 had so many damaging occurrences. I pray my friend that things to move toward better days for all...God bless you and yours my friend...

Love and peace, Sandy

Anonymous said...

I agree 2012 was not a year for mankind to applaud. I also hope this new one will follow a different path

anilkurup59 said...

One has to be audacious and audaciously hopeful. Is there any alternative?

Have great year Sandy.

Sandy said...

You are ever so right anilkurup. You have a great year too, my friend....


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