If Only

If you could only see me from the inside out...running in a field of flowers amid the morning dew...Supping white wine inside my thoughts...if only

Sunday, May 9, 2010


Across the sky a few thoughts ago appeared a beautiful rainbow. Today, I found the memorable image of the rainbow amid my thoughts of you and everything you mean to me.

You see, time and circumstances have brought about a transition in our roles. You have stepped across the threshold into a new beginning as you wait for your creator to take you home.

So long ago, or was it only yesterday, you took my hand and led me through life with words of wisdom, grace, and much more. I always knew best, didn’t I? You never said, “I told you how things would be,” when I became tangled up in life’s downside.

Today, I take your hand as it rests softly inside mine. You trust that I will keep you safe, and everyday I pray that God will allow me to know how to keep this promise to you, as I diligently seek to honor you.

You are a gentle soul and will surely reap your just rewards. I know all too well that this will be soon, but until that time comes, I will remember you as I remember the beautiful colors of God’s rainbow. You are the rainbow in my life.


anilkurup59 said...

Hello Sandy, A few years ago these special days like mothers day, fathers day etc etc were unheard at least in this part of the world. Blatant commercialisation has invented and or discovered that there are beings called mother and father. Strange indeed our sense of perception.
But your lines stand out in the times when love for our parents are being peddled tagged on to the merchandise of huge corporations.

Sandy said...

You are so very right,anilkurup...It's a sad thing, but I think commercialism has made its mark on every special day that used to be considered sacred days or days set aside for respect and honor.....

Balachandran V said...

Tell her she is a beautiful lady!
Hold her close, kiss her on her forehead
Entwine her fingers with yours.
Whisper in her ears -
Mamma, you are a beautiful lady!

Sandy said...

Thank you Bala...She was indeed a very beautiful lady....and still is...take care of yourself..

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