If Only

If you could only see me from the inside out...running in a field of flowers amid the morning dew...Supping white wine inside my thoughts...if only

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Footprints On The Rug

I stare for a long time
At your strange white face
An eye that seems to ponder
Yet never blinks

I leave this silent place
And the face that stares
How did you get there;
But I knew from inside out

Others came and left the place
A small voice is calling
Is it the face with one eye?
Yet no mouth to beckon me

Inside this room of silence
You have vanished
Another takes your place
Distorted and angry

I wonder if you moved
Or blinked an eye
I wonder if you knew
That I saw you there… briefly
~ ~


anilkurup said...

Is it the you in you?

Sandy said...

Hey there anilkurup...No, it was really a face that came from my stepping a certain way on the rug in my bed room...It was the most unusual thing....of course, as others walked on it, it became so many other things..it is a thick plush pile rug.....thank you for the read........

Misty Veil said...

Sandy, on reading this I realised just how alike our two minds are...My attention is constantly drawn to images like this and I ponder the possibilities at length... I loved this....x

Robert's Blog said...

Strange how we humans see faces in lots of things...clouds, mountain-ranges, footprints! Interesting!
Hi Sandy...I've finally decided to become a blogger! I've added you to my "Blogs I Follow" list.
Robert xoxo

Sandy said...

Linda my dear friend...You and I know that you and I are as kindred as can be..I love your work and your inner child..it is a meeting of two minds in one reading...thank you so much for stopping by...

Sandy said...

Thank you Robert for stopping by and checking me out..I am delighted to find that you have a blog. I think that you will like it...It is not like poetry....I love it and will be coming here more often..I will go to your blog now....
Love ya too guy..xoxoxoxo

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