If Only

If you could only see me from the inside out...running in a field of flowers amid the morning dew...Supping white wine inside my thoughts...if only

Friday, December 3, 2010


Barren are the carpeted slopes on a faraway hill
Where reality and reflections were once surreal
The song of your stillness blows across the field
In a rehearsal of emptiness; now nothing is real


Children lost in play amid the mounds of green
Spindled cribs of white; a simplistic kind of scene
A hollow by the pond; you and mom were seen
Listen to the lullaby; it’s peaceful and serene


It’s almost time to go now; there’s nothing left to do
Everyone is leaving; the sun is even blue
I came here once more to hum a song for you
It’s only been a while; it seems a day or two
I miss you

December 1, 2010


Balachandran V said...

In movies I have seen the cemeteries in your country, which are well maintained and beautiful, an ideal final resting place for your loved ones. I could see you there.

Sandy said...

I go every Sunday to spend a little time with my dad. Sometimes, I just miss him terribly. He is in a military cemetery and it is very well maintained.

G S Pillai said...

Everyone is leaving, aren't they? Makes one wonder, if they are leaving home or returning home

Sandy said...

Thank you bluebird. You have pointed out an excellent thought to ponder. I think, knowing my daddy, he returned home.....

anilkurup59 said...

Your tribe is vanishing rapidly. Quite moving and beautiful.

Sandy said...

Thank you kindly, anilkrup. I often times find myself thinking more and more of his absence